Subtitle: Color, Substances, and Ritual Applicationsn on African Sculpture
Authors: L. KAHAN / PAGE D / P. J. Imperato
Material Type: general or thematic Work
Publisher: Indiana University Press, Bloomington (USA). Bound with red binding with title editor silver hollow under jacket illustrated in very good condition color, in-4, ISBN 978-0-253-35251-4
Content: 526 p, Library .. Many illustrations b / w and col, appendices, index lists..
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Every part of woodcarving in Africa has a surface improvement if it is tinted, pigmented, renovated, or encrusted sacrificial materials Surfaces” is the first book to present a detailed study of what happens to wood carving Africa from its creation to its ritual use and his “retirement”. The six tests by leading historians of African art are investigating the cultural practices associated with surface decoration, practitioners enforcement, and the reasons for the use of specific materials. The stunning color photographs and black and white decorate the text and illustrate the power and authority of African sculpture. A complete list of colors and materials is also included. For students, museum professionals and collectors, this book will become an important reference that will inspire new understandings of African art and artistic.

Patrick McNaughton explores in “Introduction”, the power and the power of surfaces in African sculpture, followed by contributions from participating authors: 1. Historical, Leonard Kahan. 2. Process agents, Donna Page. 3. Surface Symbols: the meanings of the colors, patina, inlay, and the design of the Bamara sculpture by James Pascal Imperato. 4. Surface Analysis Ibeji, by Charles Bordogna. 5. Colorants Orissa by Bolaji Campbell. 6. Conditions surface of the wooden sculpture by Leonard Kahan. 7. Compendium of substances, Donna Page.

Appendix 1: Pigments, Dyes, and hardware applications. Appendix 2: the wood used for carving.

References to the appendices and legends. List of photography rights. List of contributors. Index.

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