Subtitle: Collection Samuel Dibuner
Authors: M. FRIEDMAN
Material Type: general or thematic Work
Publisher: Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, 1960. Paperback, 8vo, dimensions: 16 x 23.5 cm
Content: 88 percent, 36 ill.. b / w, 1 cards
Additional information: Catalogue exhausted become rare and sought after. Bilingual text in English and Hebrew
State of the work: Very good condition

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The masterpieces are rare and have always been so, anywhere, in any area of about whatsoever. In African art in particular, there is always the danger that strangeness and exoticism that will weaken the critical faculty and emphasis on artistic values. Mr. Dubiner took care to build his collection on a high level of artistic performance and aesthetic value and, in fact, managed to gather exceptional specimens. The collection is a valuable asset in the artistic life of Israel, and we are indebted to Mr. Dubiner for making it possible to put the public eye. Lavishly illustrated, this catalog accompanying the exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum in 1960, presents pieces from Sudan, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, and other areas of Africa

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Dimensions 16 × 23.5 cm