Subtitle: The Carlo Monzino Collection
Material Type: Exhibition Catalogue. The Center for African Art, New York: May 7 September 7, 1986
Publisher: The Center for African Art, New York, 1986. Paperback, dimensions: 33 x 27.5 cm, ISBN 0-9614587-2-0
Content: 228 p, 1 cards, Library, 179 ill... col. and b / w., list of exhibits, History published objects Index
Additional information: Photographs by Mario Carrieri
State of the work: Very good condition

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First edition of the catalog of a major exhibition of African art that presents the collection that belonged to Charles Monzino. The collection was created in the 60s by purchasing items from collectors: Epstein and Volta among others, to become one of the best and most famous in Europe.

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Dimensions 33 × 27.5 cm